COVID-19 Information

Protecting Our Valued Clients

During these unprecedented times, the health and safety or our valued clients is of the utmost importance. 

ABA is an essential service that has traditionally been provided within a client's home environment. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have tailored our services to help protect our clients in the following ways:

In Person Therapy

Compass ABA therapists and BCBAs will work with your family to customize a treatment plan that best meets the client's needs while maintaining health and safety. Our therapists and BCBAs adhere to our COVID-19 policy, which was developed in accordance with CDC guidelines, and is updated as recommendations change.

Telehealth Therapy

Our therapists and BCBAs are highly skilled and trained at providing therapy via virtual technology. When possible, therapy via telehealth is encouraged to be utilized as much as clinically appropriate in order to reduce the frequency of in person visits. 

Blended Therapy Models

Compass ABA is offering customizable, blended therapy models combining both in person and telehealth therapy. For example, a therapist may work within the client's home while the BCBA provides remote supervision, reducing the number of visitors in your home.

Contact us today to find out more about our therapy models and how we can best meet your needs!